Celebrating a New Year

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I have had a wonderful, fun week celebrating my 67th birthday. I asked everyone I know to release a balloon sometime to help me celebration my new year, an out with year 66 and in with year 67 celebration. Yesterday I found a wonderful big yellow daisy Mylar balloon at the Dollar Tree store. My nickname is Daisy, wasn’t that just perfect? The sky was so blue with large, white puffy clouds when I let it go in our front yard. We watched the yellow balloon for the longest time, which made me feel like this is my year to soar.

I recently discovered Growing Bolder, and as they say, “It’s About Attitude.” A very quiet, yet positive change of my attitude is taking place. For one thing, I don’t feel as old as I did, nor do I think I can’t do something interesting. Now I am not going take up sky diving, swim across a Florida lake, or drive my car 500,000 miles.

No, what I am going to do is enjoy every minute, with the expectations there is more right around the corner. I have health issues that keep me from doing what I used to do, but so do thousands of others. I found myself thinking too much about being sick, and guess what? I got sicker. For a several days now, I have been watching funny videos or listening to audio interviews on Growing Bolder and YouTube before going to bed. I think I am even dreaming happier.

I am not sure why I’ve been in the blue zone the last few month since I’m usually am not. I am relieved to be on a different, more contented place. Won’t you come along with me?

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